apple syrup tips

One of my favourite things this year was this delicious apple syrup. Some suggestions for use:

1.   You don’t need to refrigerate – keep in a cool pantry.

2.   Drizzle the syrup over your porridge instead of brown sugar.

3.   Use the syrup over fruit with natural unsweetened yoghurt.

4.   Pour into a glass and top with bubbles for an apple cocktail.

5.   Pour into glass and top with vodka and soda and mint.

6.   Drizzle over steamed carrots.

7.   Add a squirt to pork gravy.

8.   Add a little to your salad dressing instead of honey and sugar.

9.   Combine 3 tbsp of the syrup with equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and olive oil for a dressing – add a little Dijon mustard, salt and pepper and fresh herbs.

10. Use on waffles and pancakes like maple syrup – anywhere where you use syrup.

11. Reduce the sugar slightly in your apple cake and apple muffins and add a little syrup to the mix instead – say 1-2 tbsp and then when it comes out of the oven squirt the syrup over the hot baking and it will soak in.

12. Place big chunky slices of apple in roasting pan, squirt syrup over the apples put pork on top and roast.

13. Core a Granny smith apple ad cut a ring around the apple – fill with blue cheese and dried fruit and nuts and squirt the syrup over the apple and microwave till soft – check after 4-5 mins.

14. Squirt some syrup into a cup and add a few spoonfuls of whole seed mustard and use this to baste all over a raw chicken.

15. Make a salad with dressing (tip 9) and serve beside roasted chicken (tip14) salad greens, chopped spring onions, thin slices of aged cheddar cheese, slices of red apple and warm walnuts.