asparagus soup

For some bizarre reason there were amazing bunches of asparagus in my local fruit and vege shop that had their tips removed (some restaurant perhaps just wanted the very tip?) but the rest looked amazing – I know its not in season and would have come in from California, but it seemed the best idea to make into soup and at 80cents a bunch why not get a few bunches and make soup for a group of friends for dinner?


4 bunches fresh asparagus
8 cups vegetable stock
4 Tbsp butter
3 banana shallots, peeled and finely sliced
3 large cloves garlic
Herb salt
Truffle salt (optional)
¼ cup cream
Croutons to decorate**
1. Wash the asparagus and break off the wooden stalks and place these ends into pot with stock. Cover and simmer for 20-30 mins.
2. With the remaining asparagus cut into 1cm pieces.
3. Heat butter in another stock pot gently, add sliced shallots (cook for 3-4 mins gently) and then add garlic (another 1-2 mins).
4. Add chopped asparagus and gently stir from time to time to cover the asparagus in the butter – add a little of the asparagus stock (minus the woody ends as needed) to prevent the vege catching.