chocolate pavlova

We were looking for a delicious idea to celebrate Valentines Day and what better pairing then chocolate, strawberries and cream! Why not in a Pavlova? So we took an old recipe and added chocolate. This chocolate Pav is so delicious you’ll want a third helping!


3 egg whites

3 tbsp cold water

1 cup castor sugar

1 tsp vinegar

1 tsp Vanilla

3 tsp cornflour

1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder

40 g grated dark chocolate (we used Whittaker’s Dark Ghana)



Heat oven to 150 deg C. Trace a 20 cm circle onto a sheet of greaseproof paper.  Place the paper traced side down onto a baking tray.


Beat egg whites until stiff, add cold water then beat again. Gradually add the sugar.  Once all the sugar is added increase the speed to high.  Add the vinegar and vanilla and beat until the egg whites form firm peaks.  Sift the cornflour and cocoa powder over the eggs whites and fold them in until evenly incorporated. Add the grated chocolate to the egg white mixture and fold in.  Spread the meringue onto the prepared greaseproof paper. Bake for 45 minutes then allow meringue to cool in the oven.


Top with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and grated chocolate.