crispy and chewy meringues

Having made meringues so many ways, I prefer to make with golden castor sugar, for me it adds to the flavour that you simply don’t get with white sugar alone
The cream of tartar is optional but works to help make the meringues a little crispier on the outside and can be helpful if you live somewhere that’s humid


makes 8 pieces / time 15 minutes plus baking


3 large egg whites at room temp

tiny pinch salt

1/6th tsp cream of tartar – optional

190g caster sugar or light soft brown sugar




  1. Preheat fan bake oven to 90C/170F
  2. Line a baking tray with silicone paper or a non-stick baking mat
  3. Place the egg whites, tiny pinch of salt (and cream of tartar if using ) into the bowl of an electric mixer, switch on a moderately high speed and whisk for several minutes until a soft peak is reached, then add 2/3rds of the castor sugar a spoon at a time and continue whisking on high heat a further 4 minutes until glossy and stiff.
  4. Remove bowl from the mixer, pour the remaining sugar over the meringue and carefully fold in with spatula.
  5. Spoon in eight big dollops onto your lined baking tray and bake for 1 hour 20 minutes, then remove and allow to cool completely before carefully removing from the paper and storing, covered in an airtight container.


Chefs Tip: If your oven is the kind that creates steam, simply cook with the oven door slightly open and add 10 minutes to the cooking time. Also if you like your meringue more crisp than soft in the middle, after cooking, switch off the oven and allow meringues to cool completely in the oven for another hour or two.