gourmet burger



500g good quality mince

2 tbsp cream

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tbsp ketchup

salt and pepper



Mix all together in a bowl with your hands – the cream helps bind the burger as you need 17% fat in a burger to make them moist and very eatable. The hand action important as it works the protein in the meat more relaxed and therefore will bind better and hold it’s form. ¬†Form into patties and place in fridge to rest.

Grill on a BBQ plate (from room temperature) for a few mins each side.  Rest. in warm place and serve with a mayo smeared roll, lettuce and tomato etc.



Blue cheese melted on top

A piece of grilled bacon

grilled vegetables on top

a smear of caramelised onion

fresh parsley, chopped

grated onion and garlic


PLEASE NOTE: if you enjoy making additions you may need to add an egg to bind