lemon & passionfruit tart

A simple lemon and passionfruit tart that is a café special in Geraldine in the South Island. Its so easy if you use good quality pastry and search out some passionfruit curd or lemon curd.
Cooler weather makes the lemon tree surge with activity and Kiwis love citrus in cakes, puddings and slices.  You will love this tart – it’s so incredibly easy – just buy commercial sweet short pastry from the supermarket – roll out and place in your flan tin and bake blind.  Baking blind is simply placing baking paper into the base of the pastry lined tin and weighting it down with pie weights, dry beans or rice on top of the paper- bake until lightly browned and then remove the paper carefully with the weights or beans or rice.
Serve this with lightly whipped cream mixed with a little natural yoghurt and you can add a little lemon zest and lemon curd to flavour the cream but just a hint as the tart is full flavoured and the cream/yoghurt can be a zingy contrast.
Make this during the day of your dinner party best served at room temperature a few hours after you have made it – do not serve warm or hot.


**Instead of the Barker’s Passionfruit Curd you can now get in store Barker’s Lemon Passionfruit Patisserie Filling and use 3/4 cup of that filling – we baked it in a 23 cm pie plate and also a 34 x 10x 3 cm rectangular pie dish**


This recipe was kindly given to us by Sue Walton, part owner of Geraldine’s Verde Café deli for four years and has been cooking for 40 plus years. This is one of her most popular sweet treats in her cabinet display




Line a narrow loose-bottom tart tray with sweet crust pastry. Bake blind until lightly browned.



2 large eggs

200ml cream

¾ cup Barkers Passionfruit Curd **

2 Tbsp castor sugar

2 drops vanilla essence




Beat together until smooth and pour into the pastry base. Bake at 160 deg C for 25 minutes until just set and still a bit wobbly in the centre.

Serve as is or dust generously with icing sugar and caramelize the top quickly. This can be served warm or cold. Serves 6.


* For a deeper tart use a high-sided tin with a loose bottom and double the filling. This will take 60-80 minutes to cook.

** Add a little passionfruit pulp to the mix to increase the acidity if you have passionfruit pulp on hand.