lou’s smoked chicken wrap

It’s a Wrap! This smoked chicken wrap is a wonderful solution for a picnic and easy on the budget, you can clean out the fridge and cover it in a wrap. These are surprisingly filling, with one being enough for two people, except for the starving teenagers!


The following is a guide, you can pretty much add anything, but they can be a little dry so the mayonnaise and the dip are important.


1 large wrap (easy to find packs of these in the supermarket)

2 Tbsp of mayonnaise

2 handfuls of salad greens

¼ of a carrot, grated

¼ cup cheese grated

1 handful of bean sprouts

3 generous slices of smoked chicken

3 Tbsp of your favourite dip (we used Lisa’s Spinach and Feta Dip)*



Lay out one wrap and spread the entire surface with mayonnaise. Next place the salad greens on the end of the wrap closest to you, about 5 cm in from the edge, right across. You need a good helping of these as they collapse, so it may look like a lot but you need it. On top this then place the carrot, then cheese, followed by the bean sprouts. The idea is to get an even spread of these ingredients along the top of the salad greens. Top this with the dip. Next lay the smoked chicken pieces across. Now gently picking up the edge of the wrap nearest to you and roll it over the filling, quite firmly. Roll this over until the entire wrap is in the roll with the last edge now underneath. Slice in the centre, on an angle.


* Instead of the dip you could use hummus, pesto or a favourite chutney, the last two would benefit by adding a little sour cream so they are not so intense. Basically use what ever is in the fridge, it’s not worth making a special trip to the store to fill your wrap.