lemon cheesecake

Forget a quick trip to the Cheesecake Factory and make this divine, lemon, light, no bake cheesecake – it freezes well and is great for a crowd – everyone will want the recipe.

It always surprises me to see we have cheesecake shops – where customers run in and buy a $35 cheesecake when seriously you can make one – even if you are not gifted in the kitchen – with such ease at about a third of the price.  An extra bonus is that you can create your own masterpiece and they taste so much better.

Chilled cheesecakes like this one usually have a biscuit base. You buy the biscuits and either drive over them in your car to crush the biscuits (not advised) or place in a plastic bag and beat like crazy with a rolling pin or simply put into your food processor and blitz them.

Kiwis love lemon – you could even add a little very finely zested lemon to this mix with dazzling results.  This recipe freezes well – so make ahead and when you feel you need a cheesecake for that special moment- voila there is one on the freezer!




250g pkt round wine biscuits

125g melted butter

250g traditional cream cheese

1 cup caster sugar

1 Tsp. vanilla

1/4 cup lemon juice (no pips)

1 Tsp lemon zest (optional)

85g pkt lemon jelly

3/4 cup boiling water

1 cup evaporated milk, well chilled

1 cup cream




Make the usual biscuit base, crush the wine biscuits in a food processor and combine with the melted and cooled butter.  Press halfway up the sides of a loose based cake tin.  Chill.  Into a large mixing bowl put the room temperature cream cheese, caster sugar, vanilla and lemon juice and squash it all with a potato masher or blend into the food processor until smooth. Add lemon zest

Make a jelly with the boiling water.  Cool it and then add it to the cream cheese mixture.  In another bowl beat the evaporated milk until light and fluffy.  Tip into the cream cheese mixture.  Quickly whip the cream and tip that into the mixture.  Fold everything together and pour into the crumb base.  Chill overnight. Serve with fruit.



Don’t always get into a wine biscuit state – why not try coconut biscuits or ginger nuts or chocolate? Or… this is a lemon cheesecake but you could equally make it with orange.

If you prefer no citrus at all you could make it with raspberry jelly and instead of the lemon juice you could add black currant syrup and reduce the sugar in the cream cheese mix – you are only limited by your imagination.

One important tip – do have the evaporated milk in the freezer for a short time or longer time in the fridge prior to making the dessert – it makes a huge difference when whipping the canned milk.