pasta alla norcia

This is a  favorite with students.  Its easy to prepare in the most simple student digs and very popular with male students. It was first created in Umbria.


serves six


6 Italian pork sausages

600ml single cream(  22g fat )

500g pasta ( use penne)


Heat the water and cook the pasta in salted boiling water.


Peel the sausage , mash them

Place a little oil in pan

Cook for five mins add cream. Cook another 3 or 4 mins.

Cook pasta , scoop the cooked pasta out of pan and place in pan  with sauce cook for 2 to 3 mins Serve with parmesan.


Can add chopped onion, chopped thyme even add grilled eggplant diced or courgette.

Add some of the reserved pasta water to reduce the richness but the local cook’s advise Kiwi cooks to use 300ml our cream and 300ml milk.