randall’s southern style cornbread


1 tbsp salt

2 eggs

2 cups finely milled Mexican Masa corn flour

1.5 cups medium corn polenta (plus the coarse polenta left over from coating the pan)

1/2 cup unsweetened yoghurt or buttermilk

1 to 2 cups of whole milk


1.   Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius

2.   Liberally butter a round heavy metal baking pan (grandma’s well-cured iron skillet is perfect!) – approx. 24cm by 6cm.  Coat the buttered pan with coarse corn polenta (this gives a robust, crunchy crust)

3.   In a large mixing bowl add, eggs, salt, corn flour, polenta, buttermilk and whole milk

4.   Mix well (you want a thick but flowing batter, no too dry, not too soupy) add a bit more med corn polenta and/or masa flour if it gets too soupy)

5.   Pour into coated baking pan, pop into oven and bake until the top is well browned 30-45 minutes depending on how hot your oven is – crusty result is good – wet, moist result is not good as you want very hard and crunchy crust on outside and semi-moist on the inside.

6.   When done, out of the oven and rest for 2 minutes then cut diagonals across until you have 8 pie-shaped slices.  Take a slice and cut horizontally up to the outside crust and put a generous wedge of Lewis Road Creamery butter inside – it will melt and soak into cornbread.  It is ready to eat!



Be careful when eating cornbread as it easily gets into your windpipe if you breathe in when eating the cornbread – avoid that as it is deadly!  Heaps of people die in the South choking on cornbread!  No kidding! My favourite is to have cornbread with Louisiana Shrimp Creole!