rice pudding with summer fruits

My father is not much of a cook – boiled eggs, porridge and toast is really about it – however, years ago he perfected the rice pudding and makes this whenever there is milk to use up in the fridge and is very proud of his abilities. If my Dad can make this, you can too – believe me!



Serve this with sliced fresh peaches and nectarines – so good and so easy!

4-5 cups milk (ideally using up milk that needs to be used)(do not use trim milk)

1/2 cup medium grain rice (short grain is best but hard to find)

1 Tbsp sugar

A handful of raisins

Ground nutmeg on top

A small knob of butter



Place the first four ingredients in a buttered casserole dish and stir well. Place nutmeg and butter broken into pieces on top place into a 150degC oven for 2 hours.  Leave to rest for a period and serve warm not hot, with the sliced fruits.



This is a very forgiving recipe – lower the heat and cook for longer – add more milk – even while it is cooking if you want a “wetter” result.