seafood and leek tart

Warning: this is the most amazing seafood tart – forget a cream and egg custard – this is a white sauce to which you add the seafood and it is so good you will be stealing pieces from the plate when no one is looking!



2 sheets Edmonds Savoury Short Pastry (40% less fat variety)

250ml béchamel sauce* (see below)

1 small leek (about 100g) chopped and cooked either boiled or cooked in a pan with a little butter or even the microwave.

3 large eggs

170g can crab meat

270g can shrimps (drained)

½ tsp salt and a good grind black pepper or to taste

A small handful finely chopped fresh parsley

1/3 cup Gruyere cheese



Invest in a 36 x 13cm rectangular tart case with a loose bottom. Grease the pie plate well and line with the pastry – do not roll sheet out just place the pastry right into the tart tin.  Pastry over the edge is a good look for a more rustic tart and you can always trim afterwards.  Do not over-lap the pastry, just about 2.5cm over the join and push down gently to seal the pastry.  Trimming of pastry can be done with scissors.

Bake blind (place a sheet of baking paper over the pastry and fill the tart with a layer of weights or beans or rice). Place in a 180degC fan bake for 10-15 minutes.

Into a large bowl combine the béchamel sauce, the cooked leeks, the eggs and the seafood.  Season and place into the cooked tart shell.  Sprinkle with parsley and cheese and bake 180degC fan bake for 30 minutes.  You want the centre of the tart to be set and there to be some colour.


* We served this tart with a quick mayo/chilli sauce.  To a ¼ cup mayonnaise add your favourite chilli sauce, you could add a squeeze of lemon and some more fresh herbs – but the heat with the tart is just super.

** Béchamel sauce is easy – sounds fancy – but simple.  Place 50 g butter into a pot, melt gently and add 4 tsp (a heaped tablespoon is also about the same amount) flour and then cook it stirring around for a few minutes and when you think it is about to “catch” add 250ml milk and a pinch of nutmeg.  Stir till it thickens – a whisk does the trick very well.  You can do this ahead and cool in fridge and next day “make the tart”. You want a thick sauce.



For extra easy handling you can line the tart with a generous layer of baking paper and then place the pastry on top of the paper – that way you can simply lift out with ease.

You can replace the Gruyere with tasty cheddar.

Always rest your pastry lined in the tin in the fridge prior to baking for extra good results.

Use the rectangular tart tin and invest in an inexpensive white platter to make this simple dish look very smart when serving to friends.

Serve this pie with a fresh tomato salad or salads greens – the zingy dressing and salad ingredients combining well with the creamy notes of the pie.

Leftover pieces of tart make a great lunchbox addition.