simple bruschetta

Please note this is as much a method as it is a recipe!


Take your dough loaf and when bread is stale – slice and grill – then drizzle a little olive oil and salt over the bread and run a peeled cut clove of garlic over the bread.
Top with sliced unrefrigerated tomatoes – season tomatoes – perfection!
You can add a smear of pesto onto the bread and top with crumbed feta or shavings of parmesan -or you can jazz up the tomatoes by chopping and seasoning and adding a little balsamic vinegar, fresh basil and onion – but in it’s simplicity it is wonderful!
Another option is to grill your favourite Italian vegetables and place in your Kenwood food processor and blitz with olive oil and seasoning for the most delicious paste to go on top of bruschetta and nothing else !
It’s incredibly delicious !