streusel cake

The advantage of this cake is that you can make it with anything in season fresh apricots in summer and slices of apple or pear in the winter.
The Austrians make it as a slab cake so use your large oblong baking pan your lasagna dish will work well and line this with greased baking paper for easy removal Use your scales with this cake.  They use vanilla sugar as an added treat in this cake if you don’t have access to this use a tsp vanilla instead.


200g butter

230g icing sugar

1 package vanilla sugar or 1 tsp vanilla

9 eggs

260g flour


Fresh fruit to scatter over base apples e.g peeled and sliced


Streusel topping

100g chopped nuts

100g icing sugar

70g flour

1 tsp ground cinnamon

70g butter, melted



Heat oven to 180deg or 160degc fan bake.

For the cake cream butter and sugar well and then add eggs , one by one and add a little flour if necessary to stop the mix from curdling. Add vanilla and flour.  Mix well but gently. Place in your large pan.


Scatter fruit lightly over the top  2 apples peeled and sliced and cut into small pieces will work. This is a cake with a hint of fruit not a heavy fruit laden cake.


Combine the topping ingredients and scatter over the apple.  Depending on the size of pan check after 30 mins in the oven this is not a high cake it should be a slab cake.  Depending on the heat of your oven and the size of your pan this cake is perfect when a skewer comes out cleanly.