acidity really matters

Nearly everything tastes better with a squeeze of lemon – my favourite addition to recipes


1     Making pumpkin soup – add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice – just a little to really make the soup come alive.  Works as well with oxtail soup or stew


2     A splash of balsamic vinegar is great when cooking mushrooms but do not use too much


3     A very light splash of balsamic vinegar is also great with fresh strawberries especially in the early season when you want them to have greater flavour.


4     First thing in the morning add a squeeze of lemon to warm water for a great detox


5     Lemon on avocado is super  – yes it helps keep its colour, but also adds freshness


6     Buy a supermarket dressing, add a squeeze of fresh lemon and it just goes up a notch with flavour


7     Replace lemons with fresh lime for a less bold flavour


8     Fresh lemon is just super to counteract a rich pasta sauce – crème fraiche type sauces need the contrast and can handle the acidity – just a splash makes a huge difference.


9     Yes, you use lemon juice in an apple pie – squeeze it over the apples to prevent discolouration but the acidity also makes the sweet dessert bolder in flavour – add a little lemon zest to your favourite fruit crumble topping and even a little zest to the apple pie filling is great!