fruit & veg

fruit & veg - get the best

Plan your meals around seasonal fruit and vegetable then where you can freeze and preserve to use in the off season.


1         Seasonal is the best – yes it’s obvious and needs to be always considered


2         Summer and warmer months enjoy everything above ground – think tomatoes and garden vegetables


3          Winter and cooler months celebrate everything underground – think carrots and parsnips


4         Do as little as possible to good ingredients – if it’s a perfect vine ripened tomato – just slice and serve. Forget complicated recipes to make it into a mousse or timbale just serve the beautiful tomato as is.


5          Cook summer vegetables on the BBQ – think asparagus and sliced courgettes and when still hot drizzle with your favourite vinaigrette and top with crumbled feta cheese – delicious – do not place in fridge – serve at room temperature.