making your dollar go further

You can keep your monthly food budget under control by shopping smart and choosing the right ingredients.


1      Make you own simple staples like meringues or biscuits – better tasting and far cheaper than store bought.


2     Never throw out leftovers – they can be re-jigged, e.g. cooked vegetables can be made into a frittata the next day.


3     Don’t throw away leftover sauce or gravy – freeze and use even with a poached egg on toast for a great flavour boost.


4     Make expensive proteins go further by placing it in a vegetable based sauce – for example, a little smoked chicken is delicious with a chargrilled vegetable pasta sauce. When in season all the summer produce make great extenders for a pasta sauce – grilled capsicums, grilled courgettes and grilled eggplant in a small dice added with grilled mushrooms is just super.


5     Cheaper cuts of meat can be delicious – don’t laugh but gravy beef for example you may think – yes feeds the cat – but actually makes a great and tasty stew – think crock pot and long slow cooking