preserving like your gran did

There is nothing like the taste of fresh fruit and vegetables during the spring and summer. Preserving is such a great way to capture that taste and share it with friends and family.


1     If you have a surplus of any fruit – make chutney


2    Make jam in small batches – a good idea is to store 1 kg amounts in the freezer and then make it as you need it.  A typical jam recipe is equal amounts of fruit and sugar i.e. 500g fruit to 500g sugar but a good tip I reduce the sugar slightly and add a squeeze of lemon juice – that way it will not be as sweet or as thick.  Under recipes, look for our jam.


3     Remember when you make chutney always ensure you cook out the vinegar – otherwise it will be too aggressive in the flavour.


4     Chutney also improves if stored in a cool dark place – in warmer climates the fridge is the best place to store. Always give it time to age a little in the jar before consuming


5     My favourite way to bottle fruit involves the over-flow method – hot bottles; fruit cooked with less sugar in the microwave; seals softening on the bench in hot water and fill the jars to over flow.  Wipe the jars and push seals down very firmly and tighten with jar ring.  Overnight the seal will slightly depress – if not place in freezer bags and pop fruit in freezer.  I keep the rings on the jars for several days and then remove.