seafood made even better

The benefit of living of close to the ocean is being able to get wonderful fresh seafood.


1         Get as fresh as possible – it should smell of the sea not of itself if that makes sense.


2         Keep it cool every hour out of the fridge means an extra “day” of fridge life.


3         Use that lemon – fresh lemon juice sparkles the seafood flavour.


4         Cook in less time – a scallop for example only 30 seconds each side – salmon cook till it is still pink in the centre – best medium rare you can always cook some more but you can’t help over-cooked fish.


5         Forget cheese with seafood it really doesn’t work.


6         Try to avoid cream sauces as well with seafood in the main – a lighter cleaner sauce works best.


7         Don’t over complicate flavours – less is more – also if the seafood is fresh why swamp it with other flavour.


8         Try fennel with seafood and vanilla with crayfish.


9         When making seafood fritters try a little rice flour in the mix to make a lighter fritter.


10     Try grapefruit with fresh crab.