ways to enhance your savoury cooking

Taste! Taste! Taste! When you’re cooking its important to taste your food – I can’t tell you how many time I’ve sat down to beautifully presented food only to discover its missing the simple addition of salt.


1         Use more garlic. Whoever measures out one clove of garlic?


2         Use more fresh herbs – add some with the aromatics and then add some later – i.e. when you cook off the onion/garlic add fresh herbs then cook away and then add more later.


3         Get depth of flavour with mustard and Worcestershire sauce, even a spoonful of chutney or pesto helps.


4         Season with salt and pepper.


5         Check and taste always


6         Add freshness – think about texture – an apple and walnut salad with walnuts will be enhanced with mung bean sprouts – freshness and texture.


7         Make soups and stews the day before you serve them.


8         Think taste pointers on the plate – a grilled chicken breast will love a dollop of chutney – perfect!


9         Try to look for balance – there is some sense to a green a red/orange and a white approach to a plate – i.e. mashed potatoes (white) topped with green (parsley) a tomato salad (red) and served with grilled chicken (gold).


10     Take your time – slow down the cooking process – the longer it takes to cook an onion the better – sweet and savoury rather than when coloured it is bitter and the onion must cook out – otherwise raw onion in a “cooked” sauce is not pleasant.