your freezer made easier

Freezing is the easiest, most convenient way to preserve food and provides ways to stretch meals.


1         Many baked items can actually improve with freezing – sounds odd but that fruit cake will be just fine!


2         Make mini cheese-muffins and freeze – pull out the day you need them – fill with a slice of brie and heat in oven when the centre is gooey you are ready to serve.


3         Place over ripe banana pieces in a bag in the freezer and throw into your blender to make a great smoothie.


4         Frozen berries also make the perfect luscious and thickening addition to a smoothie.


5         Soups are great in the freezer also in the summer freeze fresh fruit puree in an ice-block and serve with sparking mineral water.



6         Follow the basic rule when freezing meat – Freeze quickly, defrost slowly. If your frozen meat was sold in packaging, leave it in the packaging during the defrosting process to keep household bacteria away.