Special Triblade offer from Annabelle

I love my Kenwood Triblade and travel all over the country from car to plane with it as my trusted companion – great news airport security let me travel with it in my hand luggage!
So fresh herbs and olive oil and seasoning can become a herbaceous drizzle in the mini processor to lightly flavour salad greens, the stick blender can transform fruit, yoghurt and fruit juice into a super smoothie and even a pot of vegetables and stock transformed into a sensational  soup.
It’s just great having all that capacity with such a simple and powerful hand blender – even a friend getting stressed about a split sauce will be delighted when this powerful hand blender brings everything back to  its fabulous rich creamy self – so from helping cooks in disastrous situations to bringing super easy healthy options to enjoy anywhere this Kenwood Triblade is just the best cook’s companion
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Pumpkin Soup
Here is award winning chef Mark Gregory using the Triblade at one of our cooking demonstrations, its just so versatile when we are on the road. This lovely man looks a bit worried!
Where is my funky pumpkin soup that I make with my Triblade
Well my friends at Kenwood have a special offer just for you, get $20 off your Triblade purchase. Just download this coupon, fill it out and send it into Kenwood with a copy of your receipt, easy!
Download your coupon here