vietnamese prawn omelet

You love eggs and you have a little cooked chicken or prawns in the fridge to “re-invent”and turn into this amazing omelet – forget bacon and snarlers after this option. Imagine egg, peanuts, herbs, prawn and sprouts with a hint of spicy sauce – oh yes it’s good!



Serves 1 – very generous portion!


Sesame oil

1 small handful mung bean sprouts

1 Tbsp hoi sin sauce

1 Tsp fish sauce

1 Tbsp toasted and crushed peanuts

3 Tbsp chopped cooked chicken or cooked prawns

1 Tsp chopped fresh mint

1 Tsp fresh chopped coriander

3 fresh eggs

Salt and pepper

1 sheet rice paper

Wedge of lime



In a small omelet pan add a little sesame oil and gently cook the sprouts until soft but still crunchy (1 minute).

Allow to cool in a bowl with the next six ingredients.

In a clean omelet pan add a little sesame oil and heat gently.  In a bowl beat the eggs with seasoning.  Pour into hot pan stir with fork till just set. Place cooled sprout mix in the middle of the omelet.  Fold over in half and slide onto a plate and garnish with piece of grilled rice paper and wedge of lime.

* Serve with a dollop of hoi sin sauce.

** To grill the rice paper – preheat the grill and place the rice paper under the hot grill and it will bubble up and just break off a piece and top for texture on the omelet.